Your own Roof Makeover

Outdoor entertaining puts the focus on external aspects of the home. Although the roof is often the last thing decided on when renovating, it should be one of the first. A good roof not only contributes to the overall look of your home but also protects your family from extreme weather conditions, so choose from an extensive range of colours and materials and give your roof a PJ Coatings makeover.

PJ Coatings will restore and re-coat your roof, increasing the overall value of your home. We can even replace it with Colorbond® or Zincalume®. We inspect your gutters, exchange broken tiles, re-seal ridges then high pressure clean the roof before applying our unique three-coat system.

The roof is the first line of defence to the elements and makes up approximately 40% of the external surface. Now is the ideal time to check your roof and gutters to ensure they’re in great condition. Delaying essential maintenance can result in high replacement costs in the future, so make sure you inspect your roof regularly.

We use Nutech Paint exclusively as it’s the most technologically advanced roof coating product. It’s also Australia’s largest and oldest roof coating specialist, with over 35 years experience. Nutech is the only roof coating product enhanced with a nano surface cleaning technology.

What are the benefits of Nutech Paint enhanced with a nano surface cleaning technology

  • Doesn’t contain harmful preservatives and is safe for the collection of rain water
  • Repels dirt and will stay cleaner longer
  • Prevents discolouration and the growth of moss and lichen
  • Prevents colour fading and retains gloss longer
  • Provides waterproof protection to prevent peeling or cracking

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