Glossary Of Terms


The area underneath the lowest overhanging part of the roof.


The gutter is generally fixed to a metal or timber area, which runs along the base edge of the roof.


A strip (usually metal or lead) that covers the joined area between the roof tiles and a chimney, pipe, roof light, wall or other surface.

Hip Capping / Hip Starter

Similar to ridge capping but these tiles run up sloped corners at the top of roof tiles and are also set in flexible mortar.

Ridge Capping

Specially shaped tiles that run along the top of the roof and are set in a flexible mortar called pointing. The mortar flexes with naturally occurring structural movements in the roof, eliminating cracking of the pointing and ensuring the weather security and aesthetic outlook of the roof are maintained.

Sarking / Siselation

A layer of waterproofing material laid underneath roof tiles that act as a heat barrier. It also reduces the transfer of moisture from outside the roof to the inside, which can cause condensation, mildew and resulting odours. Sarking / siselation is generally needed under skillion (low pitched) roofs to prevent wind driven rain penetrating the roof space.


A roof which generally slopes only in one direction. This often covers a veranda or an addition to the home and usually has a shallower pitch (slope) than the original roof. A roof that has a pitch below 15º is referred to as a skillion roof.


The intersection of two downward sloping roof surfaces where rainwater naturally flows. A valley is the opposite of a hip which runs up sloped areas along corners.

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