FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions

Will a roof restoration increase the value of my home? - YES

Re-coating a roof significantly improves the appearance of the house and increases its value.

Will a roof restoration stop further deterioration? - YES

Colour coating your roof using a superior quality product such as NXT with a nano surface cleaning technology will prevent further erosion of the surface and inhibit the re-growth of moss and lichen. The roof restoration and coating protect the roof and ensure it is weatherproof.

Can my roof be restored? - YES

Most roofs can be restored provided they are structurally sound. An inspection by one of the PJ Coatings sales consultants will result in a detailed quote, free of charge.

How long does a roof restoration take?

PJ Coatings has developed a ten-step procedure for Roof Restoration and this process usually takes two to three days to complete, weather permitting. As part of our quality assurance the preparation and coating is a two-part process and may be completed in separate procedures.

Does my roof need re-coating or can you just repair it?

The repair and maintenance work protects your roof structure while the roof coating not only provides aesthetic appeal but also assists in improving longevity to the roof surface. Some general repair and maintenance is usually required on all roofs that are being re-coated.

Will I receive a guarantee? - YES

The PJ Coatings guarantee covers leaks for the first 12 months. The labour restoration work of our tradesmen is guaranteed for 3 years and the coating material is guaranteed for 10 years. Conditions apply so please consult the PJ Coatings guarantee for full details.

Can I have an obligation free quote? - YES

All our quotes are provided by our friendly sales consultants who will visit your home Monday to Saturday, at a time convenient to you.

Do I need to be at home for my roof to be inspected? - YES

Our sales consultant will need to climb onto your roof in order to provide you with an accurate price estimation, and we prefer to do this with the owner present. We may also need to view the property internally to record any ceiling stains or roof leaks. This ensures you are fully apprised of the situation at all times and alleviates any neighbourhood watch concerns.

Do I need to use a registered painter? - YES

You should always use professional tradesmen and ensure the company is registered with the Painters Registration Board. To do this you can search online at www.painters.wa.gov au or call 9476 1212. The Painters Registration Number for Bayloop Pty Ltd trading as PJ Roof and Wall Coatings is 6598.

Do you have a quality assurance system? - YES

PJ Coatings is required by SAI Global to undergo a third party quality audit each year in order to continue with our Quality Endorsement Certification. This includes monitoring of training, client feedback with corrective action and key performance indicators.

What payment options are available?

PJ Coatings accepts Visa and MasterCard, cheque and direct debit. We can assist you to arrange finance, so to find out more please contact our friendly customer service staff on 9248 9005.

How do I remove my Solar Hot Water System?

If you have requested that PJ Coatings removes your Solar Hot Water System you will need to arrange for a qualified plumber and qualified electrician to disconnect it first. The PJ Coatings tradesman can only remove the unit once it is disconnected.

What’s so good about the products that PJ Coatings uses?

We use Nutech products exclusively as they are the best roof coating products available. Nutech is the only roof coating manufacturer to provide products enhanced with a nano surface cleaning technology, which has improved dirt resistance and is safe for drinking water. In addition, Nutech is a multi-award winning company that spends more on research and development than all competitor businesses combined. It’s Australia’s largest and oldest roof coating specialist with over 35 years experience.

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